New Zealand Defeats Coronavirus and is Now Lifting Lockdown Measures

Everyone’s favourite female PM, Jacinda Arden of New Zealand, announced on Monday that New Zealand will lift its coronavirus lockdown as health officials reported that the final person known to have contracted the infection had recovered.

Ardern said the government would not let down its guard over the virus and promised to rebuild an economy that has slowed because of the global pandemic.

“We have eliminated transmission of the virus for now. While the job is not done. This is a milestone,” she said, adding that lifting of restrictions will be effective from midnight on Monday.

The PM also shared with reporters that she did a “little dance” when she heard the news of the last known Coronavirus patient being discharged who happens to be a woman from the city of Auckland.

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New Zealand is one of the first countries to report no known cases of the disease since it first emerged in China late last year. A number of factors have helped the nation wipe out the disease, including its isolated location, along with leadership shown by the prime minister, who imposed a strict lockdown early on during the outbreak.

We hope our own nation, as well as all nations across the world, are able to share similar good news with their citizens, but given Pakistan’s current Coronavirus graphs, victory over the disease is far from the horizon.

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