A Husband Broke His Wife’s Spine After She Defeated Him in Ludo Star 3-4 Times

When it comes to Ludo, cheating and flipping the board is a given, and maybe even verbal spats become unavoidable. But a man allegedly from Gujrat Vadodara broke his wife’s spine after she repeatedly defeated him in online Ludo, playing Ludo Star. As per reports the woman has suffered a serious spinal cord injury and is currently under treatment.

As per reports, the woman had simply wanted to keep her husband indoors to keep him from spending time outside (justified during the pandemic that has caused the entire world to stop moving). She simply suggested that her and her husband play online ludo to which he agreed. However, one can safely say he is a sore loser, maybe the worst there ever was because after losing 3-4 consecutive games, he assaulted her in what led to a major spinal injury.

He hit her so bad that he caused a gap in her spine between two of her vertebrae and was immediately rushed to an orthopedic surgeon. Although the woman was provided with a counsellor, once given the choice of filing an FIR against him or settling the issue, she chose to settle the issue. She is currently taking a few days apart by spending time at her parents’ house – but will soon return to her husband. It is shocking to see that something as small and meaningless like a game of Ludo can cause someone to assault another human being.

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