5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Diriliş: Ertuğrul

This Turkish Tv series first aired in 2014 and ever since, has build up a fan following from around the globe. Taking everyone by storm, the story is that of Ertugrul Ghazi – the father of Osman Ghazi, who founded the Ottoman Empire that lasted 6 centuries.

The series is a beautiful way of passing on the Islamic history to the youth. It also shows beautiful characteristics of Muslims of the earlier times, and the sort of steadfast relationship they had with Islam. Moreover, not only is this show available on Netflix, it has also been dubbed in Urdu and is being aired on PTV during Ramzan on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s special request.

So if you haven’t started binge watching the show yet – here are 5 reasons why you need to start NOW:

1.It is an action packed history lesson

Packed with some great action adventure, it is full of sword fights.  Dirilis is based on stories of the Muslim Oghuz Turks, fighting invading Mongols, Christian Byzantines and the fanatic Knights Templar Crusaders in Anatolia (now modern-day Turkey) of the 12th century. So it’s also the most entertaining way of looking up a great Muslim empire that lasted as long as 6 centuries. And more importantly, it isn’t a snoozefest. It will keep you hooked to the screen till it’s time for iftari again.

2.The show is not only resonating with Muslims, but non-Muslims & even heads of state

The show is currrently being watched in several languages all over the world. And so much so that Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Madura is an avid fan of the series and was pictures happily flaunting the hat of a Turkish warrior or Alp on a recent visit to the sets.

3.It will refresh everything you know about being a good Muslim

On the face value, the show is only about the history of the last Islamic khilafat. However, once you delve deeper into the series and the characters, you begin to understand that the show not only reflects on the spiritual teachings but also gives important life lessons. The most important lessons to take away from the show: be steadfast in your struggle for justice, protect the innocent, always keep your faith in God and never falter, never give up. One of our favourite quotes from the show is “The victory is not ours, it belongs to Allah”, a belief that every Muslim holds close to his heart.

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4.There’s a love story too

The love story of Halime Sultan and Ertugrul takes centre stage in season one of Resurrection Ertugrul, epitomising sacrifice and dedication. We won’t give you any spoilers – you just have to watch it yourself.

5.All women have strong roles – no damsels in distress in sight

It is important to know that even as Mughals, the women in the empire were strong and independent members of the state. Unlike the usual weeping ladies of Pakistani television, the women of Dirilis: Ertugrul are often compared with the strength of the leading ladies in the Game of Thrones. The women are seen as chieftains in place of their husbands and brothers when needed. Not only that, they also know how to fight with swords, daggers, and won’t quietly marry any man chosen for them to please anyone even if it’s a sultan. Have we got your attention now?

We promise you – the series is a great watch. And once you start, you’ll find it impossible to stop.

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