5 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Dark” on Netflix

If you’re feeling the effects of the lockdown weighing heavily on you – here’s a little escape. Season 3 has dropped for Dark on Netflix. If you haven’t seen the show before – it is the perfect time to start NOW:

Let’s get this straight. It’s a German, Sci-Fi, time traveler show. The plot sounds very simple where a town witnesses a child’s disappearance. The whole community is shaken with this and thus starts with finding the logic behind this disappearance. What you will see in Dark can be found in different movies or tv series but that’s what makes them special. You will find everything in this series itself. Whether its time travel, past, nuclear plants, etc, they have it all. Just see this as a German version of the show “Stranger Things”, “West world” and “Chernobyl” combined! Oh yeah, imagine the combination of these three shows in one!

Set in a fictional town in Germany called Winden, this story is worth watching on Netflix and we will give you 5 strong reasons for that.

1.Complicated stories that unravel beautifully.

It isn’t a show you can have playing in the background while you scroll through your Instagram feed. It requires your undivided attention and for you to remember facts and how things played out – to truly understand the show. What we like about the series is how they make these backstories and without disrupting the flow of the plot, get a smart result. The audience feels rewarded when they see something get solved or when they get the logic behind a move.

2.Time travel logic

Time travel is hard, OK. It’s inherently illogical and can’t follow the rules of reality as we know them in the real world. So the foundation of any good time travel story has to be the rules. You can set whatever time travel rules you want, so long as you stick with them — if you don’t, the story falls apart. It’s a whole extra thing the writers of a story have to deal with, in addition to simply trying to write a good story in the usual sense. So it’s easy to mess that up, because it requires basically double the work. Rest assured, this is the type of heady, smart time travel story that really does work on its most fundamental level. It’s kind of a puzzle, so you will have to put some brainpower into it — but that’s a good thing.

3.Perfect German blend of “Stranger Things” & “Lost”

Okay, this isn’t a major spoiler but Dark is like a weird combination of two epic series namely “Lost” and ” Stranger Things”. Yes, we mean every word of this. You will see supernatural forces, dark forces, twisted people with an agenda all together wrapped in this German town.

What we like about Dark is how they’ve taken references from a variety of shows and still have come up with their unique style of story-telling. It’s also fierce, scary and the same time intriguing.

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4.Full of Personal Drama

Dark is not just about supernatural forces and time travel. It is also about people in general with complicated relationships. Some are good and some are terrible in the way they live their lives and treat people close to them. Now, what we like about Dark is that each character goes through some turmoil and you surely will empathize with each character at some point in time. What we like about Dark is how they’ve shown humans and their emotions that connect very well with the audience. No matter what you do, you will feel for each character during the series.


If you have seen the first two seasons – we suggest you refresh your memory by rewatching them before jumping into the third, latest one. This isn’t just a recommendation, it’s pretty much a requirement. It’s bitter yet sweet and totally worth the watch.

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