2 Brothers Murder Their Sister and her One Month Old Baby in the Name of ‘Honour’

A 21 year old girl and her one month old baby were brutally attacked by her brothers and buried alive.

Aimen and Hussain Ali were murdered on 9th February. The infant was heartlessly flung to the ground and then strangled, while the mother was shot multiple times in the face and stomach. Aimen’s mother in law believes the two were still alive when they were buried, as the mother was clutching her baby to her chest when their bodies were exhumed.

The horrific incident took place in Muzaffargarh’s Tehsil Kot Adu, where Aimen was living with her husband Tariq, as well as her in laws.

Aimen’s brothers kidnapped her and her child and took her to their district of Ali Pur, where they brutally killed both mother and son.

The brothers, Owais and Farooq, did not know whether she was breathing or not when they buried her, nor did they care as they said ‘We wanted to kill her anyway, what does it matter if she is buried alive or not.’

The brothers have confessed to murdering their sister over her marrying a man of her choice.

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While honour killing has been made an unforgivable crime by law in 2016, thousands have still been killed  in the name of ‘ghairat’ in recent years.


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