10 Weird Food Combinations That Will Make You Cringe

Ever met someone that eats ketchup with biryani? Now imagine someone add mayo to the mix – mind blown yet or not? Or do you just never want to look at mayo and ketchup again? If you’re already feeling like your morning breakfast is making its way up, please do read further, haha! We bring you the most cringe worthy food combinations:

1.Popcorn and Custard

2.Biryani with Ketchup

3.Scrambled Eggs with Chilli Garlic Ketchup

4.Maggie Noodle with Ketchup

5.Fries with Ice Cream

6.Cheese Toast with Honey

7.Barfi with Roti

See Also

8.Mangoes and Bananas with Rice

9.Fried Egg with Cream and Sugar 

10.Oreo Biscuits with Orange Juice

Disgusted already? We saved the best for last. MAGGIE NOODLE COOKED IN MILK INSTEAD OF WATER. This just takes gastronomical insanity to a whole other level. What are some of your weird food combinations?

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