Neha Khan, The Trailblazing DJ Who Has Convinced Us To Reimagine House Music

Electronic music has long been one of those niche genres where only die-hard fans understood how to really appreciate it. However, emerging DJ, Neha Khan, created music that reimagines sounds by bringing beats with unique electronic music and modern soundscapes. Creating more than just simplistic songs, Khan’s setlist is truly an experience for all those who enjoy exploring different genres. Each track tells a story and is merged with melodies anyone can chill out to. Changing the way we perceive tunes in general, her songs have layers of meaning and kick off right on tempo. Neha Khan’s beats are elaborate, distinguished, and are meant for those who want to go on a journey through the track.

As an artist who wants to bring more of the genre to Pakistan, Neha Khan is ahead of the curve when it comes to the revival of electronic dance music. The repetition in her tracks serves to underline the groove and rhythm while the bass lines meld with the toms and kicks to produce this percussive wave of sound. Her infectious tunes are reminiscent of decades past but somehow feel fresh. They slowly pull the listener in until they are one with the beat, and the long-term repetition gives them the time to get there. The subtle changes in her songs are what makes them much more profound, and more in tune with what a listener wants. With slow progression, they are meant to signify a progressive journey.

When asked how she began her journey as a DJ, Neha responded, “I studied at a university in Toronto and the underground music scene in that city was very good and that’s when my love for the genre began. I always had an ear for that kind of music after that experience, and as soon as there was potential for people to listen to house here, I started DJing. My friend, Mustafa Shiekh also taught me a lot of tricks when it came to DJing and has always been a great support system in my musical pursuits.”

Neha Khan has previously performed live at several shows including a renowned festival earlier this year which took place in a remote location in Hunza. Being the only female DJ at Hunza Festival, Khan stood out in a field which primarily consisted of men. We heard through the grapevine that the artist will be performing in Karachi as well as Lahore, so we asked and she responded with, “Yes, I do have a few performances coming up in Karachi as well as Lahore. For now what I can disclose is that I am playing on October 2nd alongside a few artists at an event called Morph, organized by EventM. I am pretty excited about that!”. We also got to ask her what she has in the pipeline, to which the DJ gave us some exciting news, “One thing that I haven’t done which people have also requested a lot of times is to put my mixed sets online for them to listen to. I will start doing that very soon so people can also listen to my mixes from home and do not have to just listen when I perform. Secondly, I am working on producing and releasing my own music. Can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

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