Bushra Iqbal’s Stunning Success: The IQ Organic Solution

With a wide range of skin, hair, and beauty products, IQ organic solutions has established itself as Pakistan’s leading organic product brand. Since 2019, the brand has disrupted the organic product market, clinically validated, and registered with the Pakistan council of scientific and industrial research PCSIR. DRAP is Pakistan’s drug regulatory authority. To recap its history, IQ Organics launched its first product in 2019 under the brand name “IQ Organic Solution,” quickly embraced by the target market, which included both men and women. Before that, Bushra Iqbal’s brand IQ organic solution evolved following a lengthy and arduous road. However, her bravery paid off when she leaped faith. According to IQ organics, “you can surely feel good about the products you’re using on your skin since the naturally infused organic components are soothing and cooling to a variety of skin and hair types.”

Bushra Iqbal created IQ ORGANIC SOLUTIONĀ®. A driven young entrepreneur identified a demand for natural and environmentally friendly alternatives to chemical-laden skin and hair care products. Bushra’s commitment and dedication, as well as her extensive understanding of biological components and organically obtained items, opened the road for her to develop organically processed products rather than a never-ending list of hazardous substances. Her desire to experiment with natural components and her admiration for homemade foods drove her to expand her interest into a more comprehensive digital platform. Bushra encountered numerous obstacles and low moments during her life, including a lack of financial resources and other resourceful support, which hindered her ability to establish a possible digital recognition. However, with all the fortitude she could summon. Following several failed attempts, including her letdown with her YouTube channel, she founded her online brand IQ organics in 2019 in honor of her late father, IQBAL. He was also an ardent human being in the same sector.

Today, Bushra’s faith and perseverance have propelled her to massive digital exposure in a relatively short period. She has 35 products with 100 percent favorable feedback and a nearly strong Instagram presence with 83.5K followers. She has also been on several television morning programs, including ARY, Hum Masala TV, and TV One.

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Bushra believes that anything is possible if one is consistent and lives a purpose-driven life. Bushra offers the following advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. “While it is critical to follow your passion and commitment, strive to make products that exceed client expectations and industry competition. Always keep in mind that consumers admire companies and things they have an emotional connection with and are socially acceptable. Still, if you violate this formula and fail to deliver on your promised product and experience, you will lose them. Therefore, live to do good yet compete because what matters is your product offering and customer experience.

If the history of IQ Organic Solution piques your interest, be sure to place your order via the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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