Zainab Abbas’ Shendi Entry is the Best Thing We’ve Seen on the Internet!

Renowned sports journalist, presenter and commentator, Zainab Abbas tied the knot with Hamza Kardar over the weekend. And we’re still dancing to the beat of her Shendi entry song – it was PSL’s popular anthem “Seeti Bajay Gi”. To top it off, all the boys were holding the duppata over her head from one hand and a cricket bat in the other – REPRESENT! And to make it more fun, the cricket bats had Zainab and Hamza’s wedding hashtag on it “HamZainab”. What a fun and extremely personal entry for someone who is so passionate about cricket!

We couldn’t help but cheer when one of Pakistan’s top fast bowlers, Muhammad Amir, threw a tennis ball towards Zainab and she hit it with her cricket bat! Zainab’s been an example of all that women can do – no matter what field they want to go in. And now she’s gone ahead and created another example of how brides too, can have fun on their wedding day. Moving away from traditional “adaein”, Zainab Abbas has won our hearts!

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