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Shamoon Abbasi, Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza Stranded in Thailand After Coronavirus Outbreak

Shamoon Abbasi, Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza Stranded in Thailand After Coronavirus Outbreak

The cast of upcoming film ‘Ishrat Made in China’, including Mohib Mirza, Sanam Saeed, Sara Loren and Shamoon Abbasi flew to Thailand amidst the initial stages of the Coronavirus pandemic and is now, stuck in Thailand due to the suspension of all international flights to and from Pakistan.

Shamoon Abbasi took to Twitter to plead with the government to arrange a special flight to escort him and his team out of Thailand and back to Pakistan:

Mohib Mirza, who will be making his directional debut with this film, also urged the government to assist him and his team of 21 cast and crew members in returning home to Pakistan:

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Abbasi has gone on record to say, “The cast which includes HSY, Mani, Mustafa Choudhry, Ali Kazmi (who flew from Canada) and Sanam Saeed reached the location early. However, Sara Loren, Imam Said and I joined them later around early March.”

“Once we reached, we realised things were starting to get complicated, first it was just China and the west but eventually, the issue had reached Pakistan.”

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“Mani, HSY, Ali Kazmi and Mustafa Chowdhry went back, but the rest of our flights were on the 25 March and by then, airports had been sealed. Now we’re waiting for the 4 April to head back,” he added.

Punjab Minister for Energy, Dr Muhammad Akhtar Malik on Friday urged the artists to remain calm:

This asks the questions, should celebrities be receiving special treatment in situations like this?

We hope our stars stay safe and practice precaution wherever they are.

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