World Famous Singer Akon Performs Umrah

World famous singer, one we know and love for “Lonely” “Smack That” and “Chammak Challo” has performed the Umrah after the conclusion of his Saudi Arabia tour. “You have no idea, I’ve been waiting to get to Saudi for years, man,” Akon said, before launching into his song, “Gunshot.” Later, he told the crowd: “I’m seeing a tremendous change in Saudi Arabia here tonight.” And he wrapped up the concert with “I love you, Saudi… thank you for making me feel at home.” before he head out to Makkah the next morning for Umrah. Here is the video of the singer performing the religious rituals of Umrah i.e Tawaaf. 

Yesterday, his pictures and videos went viral wearing an Ehraam in which he is performign Tawaaf of the Holy Kaaba. Other members of his family and friends can also be seen with him. The pictures went viral and numerously shared by different platforms on social media. These videos and pictures were well received by people on social media who began congratulating him for the completion of his Umrah. However, it surprised a few because not many knew that the 46-years old was born to a Muslim family in St Louis on April 16, 1973.


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