What TV Show to Binge Watch, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Even though Netflix really introduced the idea of binge watching, the pandemic has truly kicked it up a notch. If you’re looking for something new to watch on Netflix, we have a fun new list for you based on the traits of your Zodiac sign.


For the adventurous Aries, kick off the New Year by watching “The 100” – this exciting, fast-paced CW show about the dystopian future of a post-nuclear war planet Earth is ideal for adventurous Aries. Its premise? 100 juvenile delinquents are sent back to Earth from a spaceship on which the last of humanity survives –– but is slowly running out of oxygen.


Taurus suffers the influence of Venus, the planet of beauty at 360 degrees. The aesthetic sense and choices are important to you and this is the landmark of “Tiny Little Things”. If the enchanting beauty of the ballet and it’s movements is not enough to get you hooked – there’s a whole lot of drama, love and betrayal to keep you wanting more.


Leos are super confident and they want to be the best at everything they do. Watch “The Queen’s Gambit”. This show revolves around the life of Beth Harmon who struggles with an addiction in a quest to become the greatest chess player in the world. Feels like you’re reading about yourself, Leo? Grab the remote and get watching.


For the communicative and oh so witty you, “Schitt’s Creek” is the light hearted, sit com tailor made for you. A married couple goes bankrupt and remains in a town called Schitt’s Creek. The characters will grow on you and you’ll find yourself hitting “next episode” each time.


Cancerians would prefer something that would stir up their emotions and this show “Queer Eye” does just that. This soul stirring series is apt for a Cancerian as it is thoughtful, heartfelt, creative, deep and unique. Just trust us on this one.


Nothing excites a Virgo more than skillfully gathering details, studying them in a detailed and accurate way to reach the final conclusion. That’s why, this British procedural crime drama, “Line of Duty” is just what you need to get you hooked to the screen.


Libra, the scales, are always on a quest for justice. That’s why “Dear White People” is the perfect series for you! A story of discrimination and indignation. This series breaks down stereotypes about African-Americans that are still represented way too often.


Enigmatic Scorpio will find this Canadian sci-fi series utterly engrossing. “Orphan Black” follows the path of a woman who discovers, after witnessing the suicide of a stranger who is completely identical to her, that she has more than one clone. It’s gripping with a whole lot of steamy action, right up a Scorpio’s alley.


The title of this Showtime drama is certainly apt –– it, and its characters, are completely and totally “Shameless”. You know you love it already, Sagittarius.


See Also

This show “Haunting of Hill House” is heavily character-driven, and really highlights how trauma can present in negative ways. It is a thriller, but one with a heart, okay? It features unique cinematic approaches and a richly haunting, old-timey aesthetic that makes my skin crawl in the best way. The great writing will draw any Capricorn in, and the tension and intensity in every scene will keep them riveted.


The Aquarius sign is going to love this series not only because of its story, but also because of the way it is told. “The Crown” is a historical drama following the life of Queen Elizabeth II. We must warn you – the risk of addictiveness is very high!


Who doesn’t love a good time-travel story? The imaginative Pisces sure does! In “Outlander” While on her honeymoon, World War II nurse Claire Randall stumbles upon time travel. After being transported back in time to 1743 Scotland, she learns to navigate the politics and violence of the strange country.

People often look to the stars for guidance, so why not consult the zodiac in order to decide your next binge-watch? Trust us. You will NOT be disappointed.




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