Find Your Vibe at The Vibe by Ambiance

Winter holidays come with their own set of cozy memories, when no school meant sleeping in, going out for picnics to enjoy the warm sun, and for many of us, those exciting trips to Murree to catch the snowfall! Be it the scenic views, the forever-bustling Mall Road, or the thrill of Patriata’s chair lifts, Murree has always been a crowd-pleaser.

Adding to its coolness now is The Vibe by Ambiance! This place really does have a vibe of its own. Step inside, and you’re hit with a burst of color – with a blend of quirkiness and the comfort of your living room. Besides its Instagram-worthy interiors, The Vibe offers a fusion of accessible luxury, premium amenities, and an eclectic atmosphere that captures the vibrant essence of Murree. A five-minute walk to the Murree Mall, The Vibe has ‘perfect location’ written all over it!

Experience the Ultimate Murree Vacay

Rooms at The Vibe are an experience unto themselves. Artistically bold and edgy, they are one reason why The Vibe is unlike any other hotel in Pakistan – or at least in Murree! Slightly eccentric but tastefully incorporated murals in each room lend a whimsical, artsy feel and a distinct experience that only The Vibe can offer.

The hotel is open year-round and is fully equipped for winter comfort – making it the perfect holiday getaway this season. Its upscale amenities include free Wi-Fi, well-heated rooms, 24/7 hot water, and of course, the best part of any hotel stay – complimentary breakfast at its signature café!


Set against stunning valley views, Retro@TheVibe is a one-of-a-kind café that offers the heartiest, most soul-comforting meals that are perfect for a hill station holiday. The diverse menu is meticulously curated and offers a variety of Pakistani, Pan-Asian, and continental cuisines so there’s something for every kind of foodie. The café extends to incorporate outdoor dining, so you can enjoy the quintessential Murree weather whenever you want!

Explore Murree and Beyond

The Vibe is ideally located on Upper Jhika Gali Road, so you can explore Murree and enjoy the stunning views from the nearby Kashmir Point or venture to Pindi Point, another favorite viewpoint where you can enjoy the spectacular mountains and the lush green forests of the hill station. Or simply make it your comfy base and enjoy excursions to other favorite spots around Murree.

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No matter what you have on your Murree checklist, The Vibe is ready to welcome you to an unmatched experience that you won’t forget. Time to pack your bags and get vibing

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