What Not to Do When in Love: A lesson from a CCTV Lens

Falling in love is amazing. Watching people fall in love, walking hand in hand, exchanging doe eyed glances is something that makes even the grouchiest of people crack a little smile. But what about when someone’s version of “love” makes you want to barf? Such an atrocity took place over the weekend with a series of CCTV footage leaks from a popular cinema in Lahore.


First things first; leaking these videos to begin with was incredibly immoral and unethical. But then the question arises, why oh WHY would you choose a very public cinema with people filling seats right next to you and behind you AND in front of you to do your business? What led to the desperation that these videos reek of? Why oh why did no one stop them? Was everyone suffering from momentary blindness?  And most importantly, what movie was playing? Because I definitely need to cross it off my list.


No force on earth can stop a person in love, this is true. But guys, a cinema? We get that there aren’t a lot of choices in Pakistan for such, ahem, recreational activities, with hotel prices being sky high and privacy even in your own car non-existent, but please do not disregard the people around you who did not sign up to witness such an intense PDA session. Most of us have been in love, or at least a version of love, yet we have miraculously managed to stay off the screens of the entirety of the population. Love is between two people. Not two people, a CCTV camera and now, unfortunately, the whole nation.


So the next time you feel an overflow of emotion, such as these couples did, and you can’t be mindful of the innocent movie goers who just came to relive their childhoods at a Lion King showing, please be mindful of the very high res CCTV cameras all around you. Remember, the eyes are watching!

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