Welcome Falsa Season with This Refreshing Falsa Drink!

Who doesn’t love Falsa? The berries may be small in size but the pack a punch of flavour and colour that us Pakistanis wait for all year long. Now that Falsas have blessed us with their presence, it’s time to make the most of this season with all kinds of falsa centric recipes! To start, a simple Falsa drink will go perfectly with all the yummy Iftari goodies! Here’s what you will need:


1 kilo Falsa

2 cups Sugar

4 cups Water

1 tsp Black Salt


Soak the falsa in water for 4 hours.

Prepare a simple sugar syrup with the sugar and water while the falsa soak.

Blend the soaked falsa in a blender 2-3 times.

Pass the Falsa puree through a seive to get rid of the seeds, into the prepared sugar syrup and mix well.

Top with black salt and served chill.

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Adjust the sugar content according to taste. If you like it sweeter, stick to this recipe but if you prefer the natural taste of Falsa, reduce sugar accordingly.




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