Watch Khalil-ur-Rehman Say He Will Attend the Aurat March if the ‘Aurat’ is Removed From the Name

Another day, another slew of very interesting statements from Pakistan’s biggest feminist, Khalil-ur-Rehman.

The controversial director made an appearance on Samaa TV’s show ‘News Beat’, with social activist Nayab Jaan and journalist Yasir Peerzada, to discuss all aspects of Aurat March, why it’s needed, and why some believe it isn’t needed at all. Here are some of the wonderful things the writer had to say:

‘Normal mard kabhi aurat ko divorce nai karta until wo adultery mei pakri na jaye, with a FEW exceptions’

‘If you collect the data religiously, truly,normal man will never divorce the woman until usko rangay hathon  pakar nai leyta’

‘Wo aisay log jo biwi leykar atay hain ke ma khush hogi, mei unko normal nai samjhta. Ya jahaiz ayega, ghair ayega, oh i hate them all’

‘A wife picks up her husbands sock out of love, not out of some contract’

‘I’m divorced, i’m happy. So take the divorces, and go out. If you cannot live in this particular bonding at all.’

‘Mera jism meri marzi aik ghatiya naara hai, and it clearly sounds like what it means’

‘I’m divorced and I’m happy, it’s such a shameful slogan. Yeh ghatiya slogans ki zarurat kyu parai hai apko apne rights demand karne keliye?’

‘Jo poster phaar rahay hain wo hatred se nai phaar rahay, wo sharam se phaar rahay hain keh yeh likha kya hai’

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When asked by the host of the show on what conditions Khalil-ur-Rehman sahab would attend the Aurat March, the writer said he would only attend if he could make the posters and if the name of Aurat march, which is done on International Woman’s Day, was changed to something else. The writer also said the item song in ‘Kaaf Kangana’ which was written by him, was not vulgar or ‘be-haya’, but some of the Aurat march slogans like ‘Mera jism meri marzi’ are vulgar.Watch the full interview below:



Everyone has a right to their own opinions, but we just wish some people would form those opinions after educating themselves on the entire subject, before they began spreading unnecessary hate about things that are meant to help the masses. How can posters and certain slogans make certain people SO angry and aggressive?  Just goes to show, the pen is and always be mightier than the sword.

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