These are the Dances Everyone Needs to Learn for Your Wedding

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Hiring a choreographer for your wedding has become one of those trends that sounds too ridiculous to be true. At first. ‘ A professional choreographer for a wedding!? We’re not in Step Up 2, that’s absurd!’ But overtime, they’ve become a necessary part of all weddings. Mehndi’s are without a doubt the best part of all shaadis, (apart from the actual union of two soulmates ofcourse), and defeating the larka/larki walay on the dance floor after months of practice is a special kind of Halaal high. But if your parents aren’t budging and letting you spend some big bucks on hiring a choreographer, we’ve got just the thing for you! A compilation of some beautiful, easy to follow dance videos that will put the opposition to shame. Enjoy!

Aik Doh Teen from the #fatimaabdullah Wedding


From the ladies behind The Make Up Studio Lahore, we love this version of Aik Doh Teen’s remix! Easy to follow and fun to watch.

Nakhreya Mari from the #hamzainab Wedding


Zainab Abbas is, apparently, good at everything she tries. We love a bride who is laid back enough to dance at her wedding and Zainab Abbas looks fabulous while breaking the dance floor.

Billo Hai by Hareem Farooq, Ali Rehman & Osman Khalid Butt


The 3 stars killed it recently at a friend’s wedding and the star power on stage was palpable.

Meri Mummy Nu and Others from the #obashed Wedding


So much energy! We hope we have such good dancers when our time comes to tie the knot.

Medley’s from the #mimisaad Wedding



These girls and boys barely got a step wrong and we love it. Remember, practice is KEY

Mi Gente from Eman Suleman’s Sisters Wedding

Usually, dances on entire songs put us to sleep but this one was so fun. Perfect for big groups because the steps are easy enough for even the weakest dancers.

Lamberghini from H&F’s Wedding

See Also


Everyone’s guilty pleasure of a song now has an upbeat mehndi dance to go with it. So cute and so easy to follow.

Mast Malang from Aima Baig’s sister’s wedding

Such an unexpected song to have such a good dance to go with it. Aima Baig shows us how it’s done on her sister’s mehndi.


Sibbi song from an Islamabadi Wedding

Easy dance steps, cool song, big group, what else could you need? LOVE!

Haye dil bechara from Parey Hut Love

Okay so the video is from a movie but this song is super hot right now and the original dance is so easy to copy. ANY type of dance to this song will have even the grumpiest of people tapping their feet, we give you our word!

Did we miss any killer dance videos out there? Sound off in the comments below.

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