Shahwar’s Wife Has Made a Startling Entry But We Still Have Questions!

So this is what happened in Meray Pass Tum Ho over the weekend. Shahwar’s wife (played by Savera Nadeem) makes a startling entry with a knock on the door. And even though we hate Ayeza Khan’s character in the show, we have to admit, she looked oh so glam all dressed up for her Nikkah. From the hair to the makeup and the dress, she made a beautiful bride and reminded us why Ayeza Khan is everyone’s favourite showstopper even today.

Also, kudos to the casting team for picking Savera Nadeem to play Shahwar’s wife. It works so well into the story because with Savera’s height, it almost looks like she’s towering over Mahwish. And then, what pleased us even more was that the more Mahum moved into the room, Mahwish retreated. We could see Mahwish go on a backfoot, LITERALLY. And oh, what a joy it was to watch Mahwish squirm.

And before we know it, the interaction between the two starts with a slap across the face. And even though the slap wasn’t as powerful as that dished out by Danish to Shahwar in the conference room, it was still a damn good one to please the audience. Slaps and omelettes – that’s how we’d summarise the storyline of Meray Pass Tum Ho!

But even though the wife is here, and by the looks of it, the nikkah between Shahwar and Mahwish is definitely NOT happening, we still have questions. Who told Mahum about the Nikkah? Our first guess is Anushay (Mahwish’s friend) who seemed more uncomfortable with Shahwar’s upcoming Nikkah with her than anyone else in the show. Was it the idea of her less fortunate friend now sitting next to her as her equal that made her uneasy? What’s also strange is that when Mahwish met Shahwar the first time in a cafe when she was out with Anushay, Mahwish had only nice things to say about Shahwar and unkind things to say about his wife. “Inn ameer logon k saath bhi koi na koi gham jurra hota hai. Biwi ka gham. Bilkul nai banti inn dono ki.” said Anushay to Mahwish about Shahwar and then continued with “Itni badtameez hai. Itna shakk kerti hai k Allah ki panah”. But now, we see tables turn. Anushay now only has nice things to say about Mahum and only demeaning things to say about Shahwar. Anushay says “Ussi k tou tukroon pe pal k woh aaj yahan tak pohancha hai. Meinay tou suna hai k forgery se uss ne 12 lakh shares apnay naam kerwa liya hain. Yahan tak k jis ghar mein Shahwar rehta hai woh bhi k ussi naam hai”. It’s actually a huge plot hole that the girl who only sang praises of Shahwar, only has bad things to say about him now (no matter how true!) So was it really her who told on Shahwar to his wife? If yes, did jealousy really get in the way of friendship once again?

What we’re wondering next is “where will Mahwish go now that the wife is back? Will she be kicked out or will she be the new maid of the house?” We guess we’ll only find out in the next episode. But what we can say for sure is that things don’t look so good for the lovebirds now.

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