The Transgender Community Finally Gets Empowered

Pakistan has finally been making strides towards the inclusion of the transgender community into the mainstream. And while some would say that this should have been done eons ago, we say better late than never. In a major step forward in 2009, the Supreme Court ruled that transgender people could receive national identity cards as a “third sex”. The binary gender dichotomy was finally absolved with this decision, thereby including the transgender community into the mix. Building upon this decision, in the year 2017, the government issued its first passport with a transgender category.

And now, moving forward, the transgender community has a fixed 5% quota of jobs in the government departments. Be it the police department or other departments of the government, slowly, the transgender community is being accepted as individuals. They are equal human beings and vital members of our society that have been shunned for too long.

Benish Shaan also known as Baji is a transgender working towards the rights of her community. Here’s what she thinks of this historic move:

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We hope that the world is inspired by these loving humans that are free of hatred and violence. We welcome our transgender community with arms wide open and hope that everyone else does too.

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