The Queen Leaves Out Pictures of Harry,Meghan, Baby Archie from Annual Christmas Speech

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘ A Picture speaks a thousand words’, but what about the lack of one?

Buckingham Palace released a preview of the Queen’s annual Christmas speech on December 24th, and the royal obsessed were quick to notice there were no photo frames of Harry, Meghan, Baby Archie or Prince Andrew on display, while pictures of William and Kate and their family, King George the VI and the Queen’s husband Prince Phillip were present.

Omitting Prince Andrew after his undeniable link to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is more than justified. But what should we make of the omission  of Harry, Meghan and the newest addition to the royal family, Baby Archie?

“It is a very clear omission,” former Buckingham Palace press secretary Dickie Arbiter told UK tabloid The Sun. “Their son Archie was born this year. You would have thought there might be a picture.”

Last year, the Queen displayed two photos of them — an official wedding portrait and a family picture of them celebrating heir to the throne Prince Charles’ 70th birthday. She was also accused of removing their photo from her audience room in Buckingham Palace earlier this year.

Some royal commentators theorise that the displayed pictures represent the direct line of succession, therefore the younger Prince and his family were missing.

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Rumours of a feud between Prince William and Prince Harry have been brewing for some time now, as well as the Queens’ disapproval of Meghan and her break from royal traditions.

When questioned about the entire situation, Buckingham Palace declined to comment.

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