Transgender Community Rightfully Covered Under ‘Sehat Insaf’ Card Healthcare Scheme

Rejoice! Pakistan is finally taking baby steps towards inclusivity of the transgender community of Pakistan with their inclusion in the Sehat Insaf Card Healthcare programme.

For those of us who don’t know, the Sehat Insaf Card provides comprehensive cover to beneficiaries, and holders will be entitled to free-of-cost hospitalization, emergency services, in-patient services (all medical and surgical cases), fractures/injuries, referral transportation, maternity services and free follow-ups. In addition to the secondary care services, eight major diseases will be also covered under priority cover package, including cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, burns and road traffic accidents, last-stage renal diseases and dialysis’, chronic diseases (TB,Hep A/B/C, HIV, chronic liver disease), organ failure, oncology and neurosurgical services.

While speaking at a ceremony held in Islamabad on 30th December, launching Sehat Insaf Cards for Pakistan’s Transgender Community, PM Imran Khan stated, “Sadly, there is not a realisation in our country what kind of hardships transgenders face,” “The objective behind this is that our government is owning you,” he told the audience, which comprised many members of the transgender community.

“I am very hopeful that 2020 will be a year of progress and bringing prosperity to the people,” the Prime Minister added.

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In a country where the transgender community is maligned and treated as outcasts, we are glad to see the current government righting wrongs of past predecessors and lifting the nation up as a whole, and not just the elite.

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