The Mystery of the Pink Nightie

There’s one pink nightie that’s been making rounds on social media – it’s the one donned by Ayeza Khan as Mahwish in Meray Pass Tum Ho. So in this drama serial, Mahwish goes to Islamabad for some supposed meeting with a foreign delegation with Shahwar. However, there’s never any sign of that and they end up in a hotel room! Any shock? Not really. It’s safe to say we all saw this love affair transforming into a physically intimate relationship. However, when Mahwish goes to Islamabad, she’s not seen carrying a bag or any form of luggage. Yet, she wakes up covered in ruffled sheets, and messy hair (OH YEAH, THEY DEFINITELY DID IT!) but the mystery of where the nightie came from still stands.

Did the hotel offer it? In which case, what a shady hotel, haha! Or, did Shahwar take it with him because he was definitely was carrying a small luggage – which frankly, puts Shahwar (played by Adnan Siddiqui) into more dirt than before. From where we sit, it seems like going to Islamabad was a ruse to get Mahwish to sleep with him. And looks like, he came prepared with a nightie!

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