The Cutest Way to Social Distance in Bangkok is with Pandas!

You can now dine with Pandas in a restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. Stuffed pandas that is!

When Maison Saigon initially reopened, it had encouraged social distancing by placing one chair at each table. The owner, however, felt it seemed empty and sad, so he decided to give his customers some company in the form of stuffed animals.

Now, pandas fill the seats at the Vietnamese restaurant in Bangkok.

“Earlier we had only one chair for the tables where the customer came alone. But for me, it felt strange, so I thought I’d give them some company,” Natthwut Rodchanapanthkul, the owner of Maison Saigon, told a news outlet. Another diner stated, “”The doll makes me feel less lonely eating by myself,”

Maison Saigon isn’t the only restaurant taking a creative approach to social distancing. In Australia, a restaurant owner added cardboard cutouts in hopes of making his customers feel like they’re having a typical dining experience.

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At a restaurant in Washington, Virginia, mannequins were added to tables to fill the empty dining room. Meanwhile, a café in Germany jokingly had customers wear pool noodle hats to follow social-distancing guidelines.

Is Pakistan next in line to reopen restaurants and implement creative social distancing measures, despite the rising Coronavirus numbers? Only time will tell.


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