Shahid Afridi Falls Out with Indian Cricketer Pals Yuvraj Singh, Harbajhan Singh

Not long ago, we were applauding Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh for supporting Shahid Afridi’s Coronavirus relief efforts:

The cricketer received a massive amount of backlash for the act from Indian supporters and a hashtag against him even began to trend on Twitter.

Now it seems, the playing field has been levelled as Yuvraj Singh and Harbajhan Singh have announced to cut all ties with Afridi over the comments he recently made about Kashmir and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

Following these remarks by Afridi, both Indian cricketers took to twitter to make the following statements:

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Harbhajan Singh also retreated his message of support.

“I am sorry to all of those brothers hurt by the act (support for funds). I promise you that now I will never send any message to that country (Pakistan), its nationals, which can hurt any Indian national.”

So it seems, the friendship is over between the three cricket players as the Pakistan-India relationship continues to worsen.

We hope in the end some form of peace is acheived not only in our region, but all over the world.

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