Sara Aziz launches Laam se Limopani – A Contemporary Take on the Urdu Qaida

Ever wondered why it gets so difficult to teach your little one the Urdu alphabets? Well, plain and simple. The Urdu Qaidas are usually dull and boring to look at. However, Sara Aziz has launched a fun new illustrated book called “Laam se Limopani” where she makes learning Urdu fun for kids.

From colourful illustrations of animals and things kids see around the house on an everyday basis, this book is both fun for the kids and the adults. Here’s a small teaser of all that the book holds:

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Sara Aziz has outdone herself with this fun and creative take on the Urdu Qaida. This is only an e-book for now and is available on Amazon. But we hear that this will soon be available as a hard copy!

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