All the Possible Endings to Meray Pass Tum Ho

Rumour has it that there have been about 3 endings that have been shot for Meray Pass Tum Ho. Which one of them will air, I guess we’ll just have to find out. With all the media buzz this show has received, it has become a talking point for people from all generations. And even though the opinion remains divided on what should be the end for Meray Pass Tum Ho, we decided to conjure up all the possible endings that one could see on the 25th of January.

What started with a lot of rage and disgust for Mahwish, has now melted some people’s hearts because of all the guilt and remorse she feels for her actions. And even though there are so many parallel stories running in the show, with Mahwish’s guilt, the drama between Shahwar and his wife Maham, or even the one sided, unrequited love between Hania and Danish, there can be so many possible ends to the story. Here are the 5 possible endings, according to us, to this show:

1.Danish Will Forgive Mahwish

After the previous episode, it does seem like the storyline is going towards Danish forgiving Mahwish. But to what degree can this forgiveness extend to? As per the teachings of our religion, we know that Danish cannot simply embrace Mahwish again because of the lack of Halala (is a practice in which a woman, after being divorced, marries another man, consummates the marriage, and gets divorced again in order to be able to remarry her former husband.) But since the nikkah to Shahwar didn’t exactly pan out (thanks to the entry of the wife unexpectedly), Danish can forgive her but can’t instantly marry her.

2.Danish Will Die

From the trailer, we’ve seen Mahwish run into the hospital. We also see Mahwish holding and kissing Rumi’s hands in the waiting area of the hospital. Knowing Khalil ur Rehman’s love for morbid endings (boy, that man really doesn’t believe in happy endings), it’s safe to assume that the show will end in a heartbreaking manner. And what is worse than Danish dying and thereby, immortalising Mahwish’s guilt forever? That’s a win win for Khalil ur Rehman.

3.Danish Will Marry Ms.Hania

I mean, all those efforts by Rumi could finally result in a happy ending for Danish. Ms.Hania would make for a loving partner and an even better mother (although Mahwish didn’t really set great standards in that regard). Although if we’re being honest, Danish and Ms.Hania have absolutely NO on screen chemistry. But, knowing Khalil ur Rehman, a happy ending in the form of their union is also highly unlikely.

4.Danish and Mahwish Will Live Under One Roof

What might sound a little naive, is the thought Mahwish proposed in the previous episodes – where she asked Danish to live with her under the same roof for Rumi’s sake. It is possible that he forgives her, but they move in together and live together only as friends who have a child together.

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5.Mahwish Will Die

There should always be room for a little dramatic, Bollywood-esque ending. As per the trailer, Mahwish is at their older apartment and she opens the door for Danish. What if, Shahwar somehow arrives there. They end up in a tug of gun (get that? It’s a classic fighting over the gun scene that Pakistani dramas have also mastered now) but instead of Shahwar shooting Danish, somehow, Mahwish gets shot.

We’re interested to see how Khalil ur Rehman immortalises Mahwish as the perfect example of a cheating wife in chauvinistic history. We guess we can only wait to find out tomorrow.



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