Sanjay Leela Bhansali Considered Casting Ayeza Khan in a Film Before He Found Out She’s Married

In an appearance on Ahsan Khan’s show, ‘Bol Nights’, the host revealed to guests Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimour that acclaimed Indian director Sanjay Leela Bhansali wanted to work with Ayeza Khan on a film.

The episode aired on June 6th 2019, and was privy to insider information about the the relationships between our Pakistani stars and Indian directors.

On a trip to India, when the relationship between the two countries was still civil, Ahsan Khan met with Sanjay Leela Bhansali to discuss a project when Ayeza Khan was brought up. The director, who has directed super hit Bollywood films like ‘Devdas’, ‘RamLeela’, and ‘Padmavat’ was interested in casting a Pakistani actress in one of his films and showed a picture of Ayeza Khan to the host and said, “Pakistan mei aik he larki hai jo best hai, aur agar yeh larki aik dafa mere sath film karley toh mei toh kisi aur larki ke sath kaam nai karuga.” Bhansali also proceeded to ask, ” Yeh shadi shuda hai ya gair shadi shuda hai? Tum log aik toh shadi bahut jaldi karlete ho.” When Ahsan Khan revealed she’s married with two kids, the director allegedly said ” Yeh chor kar toh nai asakay gi apney bachon ko!” 

Ayeza Khan also revealed that Indian director Imtiaz Ali (Jab We Met) also offered her a role in a film, which she turned down because she wanted to make her big screen debut with a Paksitani film.

“Jab mujhe call ayi Imtiaz Ali ki, unho ne kaha Danish se pucho. ” The whole ask your husband for permission bit, eh?

But Danish Taimour being the good guy he is, told his wife that this is her own decision and she would know better what is suitable for her career and there are no restrictions on her from his side when it comes to her career. A true 21st century man who is supporting his wife, her profession, and not trying to limit her under the guise of ‘take care of the kids’ or ‘ go make me a sandwich’.

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