Sable : The Only App Immigrants in America Need for All Their Banking Needs

Sable is an App that allows immigrants in America access to bank accounts and credit cards, with the click of a button.

The app saves new immigrants in America from the hassle of going bank to bank to get full service account, with a million documents in hand and then waiting weeks for all bank related cards to be posted to their home addresses.

Naveen Qureshi, the co Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of the company has created a proprietary credit risk model that allows immigrants to get US credit without having a US credit history or a social security number, that too under 5 minutes, all through the Sable app.


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Sable, which is the first app of it’s kind in the world, allows immigrants who plan to move to the US the ability to start building credit history before they even move to the US, which allows them benefits such as renting apartments, getting phone plans and even getting a mortgage.


Sable went through Y Combinator and finished raising the initial seed fund in October 2019, and it’s already live on the Apple app store so any Pakistanis who live in the US or plan to ¬†immigrate can get a bank account and credit card beforehand! The app will also be available for Android users from February.
So if you have plans to move to America, or are struggling with bank accounts and access to credit cards while in the US, Sable is the App for you that’s going to solve all your credit related problems and make your life that much easier!
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