Rehmat Ajmal is NOT Proud of Being a Part of Meray Pass Tum Ho

Meray Pass Tum Ho is a show that’s loved by many but has come under fire way too many times for controversial dialogues. To add cherry to the top, the writer of the show is known for having said derogatory things pertaining to women. Even his interaction with human rights activist, Tahira Abdullah, a few days ago makes one wonder if the man knows how to interact with the opposite sex.

In light of the several gender biases that the show has unintentionally highlighted, model turned actor, Rehmat Ajmal, has received a lot of hate for her participation in this drama especially considering how vocal she has been pertaining to women’s rights in the past.

Today, Rehmat took to her Instagram account to address a few grievances her followers have had regarding her role in the show. She outrightly distances herself from Khalil ur Rehman’s views in the words “I absolutely do not endorse the concepts and viewpoints of Mr Khalil ur Rehman.” She continued to say that she is NOT proud of to be a part of a show that is “so compromising and ill informed”.

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We must say that in a world where senior artists (both men and women) continue to relish over dialogues like “2 takkay ki aurat”, Rehmat Ajmal stands true to her principles and this statement truly reflects all that she stands for.

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