Mira Sethi Calls Out Khalil Ur Rehman On His Outrageous Opinions About Women Who Cheat on Their Partners

In a special show of Meray Pass Tum Ho on ARY Tv, hosted by Ahmed Ali Butt, writer Khalil ur Rehman once again said something that makes you wonder if he’s just got it out for women.

His words were “Aurat fitratan bewafa nai hoti, aur jo bewafa hoti hai, woh aurat nai hoti”. Hold on, so when men cheat, it’s okay because it’s in their nature to do so. But when a woman does the same, it makes her a witch, a “2 Takkay ki aurat” who can’t be forgiven? Oh the hypocrisy! A cheating husband is equally bad to a cheating wife – the gender makes no difference to the act itself.

Mira Sethi, took to her Instagram account, to call out Mr.Khalil ur Rehman who has ONCE AGAIN, stepped over the line.

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Please note the uncomfortable expressions on the faces of the female costars, while the men continue to clap in the writer’s honour. We sometimes wonder, does he not think before he speaks, or is it intentional to stir up the public and gain TRPs? Whatever it may be, his opinions (although he thinks he glorified women since he’s the “biggest feminist in Pakistan” only seem to make the gulf between men and women wider.

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