Q & A with Dr. Love

This millennial love guru gives you the in your face advice you may not want to hear, but you need to!

1.Dear Doc,

Soo my boyfee keeps telling me I’m beautiful and he loves my size BUT then in a kind of backhanded way he makes jabs at me, saying “I wonder how good you’d look if you were as skinny as so and so” Uhmm is this normal? Side Note: We’re getting engaged next month

-Miss Curvy

Dear Curvy Cutie,

Sounds to me like your man needs a little dose of his own medicine. If you feel it’s coming from a – likes to get under your skin – character trait, then just be honest and tell him straight up that it hurts your feelings. And, if he can dish it out he should be able to take it. But for any relationship to work, poking at insecurities is not the route to take. Either he accept your every inch or take a hike!

2.Dear Doctor Love,

I love him. So so much. But, he doesn’t check all my boxes. I know. Sound superficial. It’s not even about him not being good enough. But there are a few things I’m not ready to compromise on. HELP!

-Looking For Mr. Right

Dear Confused,

There is no such thing as checked boxes!!! Throw that list out the door sistah. The important thing is to align yourself and  your partner with core values and morals. What you see on paper is not what you feel in your heart.

3.Dear Love Doctor,

Hi! So, I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 5 years now but he still won’t introduce me to his family? Should I be worried or is that normal? Miss. Am I not the one?

Dear Definitely The One

First thing first, you are one in a million so you are the one – for yourself. From day 1! Remember that. And as for this boy you’re seeing… I would usually never advice you to set the timer on relationships, but five years is a long time! If you are a part of his life and so are his family, time to tell him to make these two worlds collide before one of them blows up!

4.Dear Doctor Love,

I can’t stand two of my girls closest friends, they’re so immature and always around  and get in her ear all the time! What do I do?

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– Mr. Don’t want to date the squad!

Dear, welcome to every guys nightmare!

I feel you. Not everyone clicks and that’s ok. However, if those are your girls besties then the sooner you accept them the easier for you. Don’t be fake, but play nice – yes, there is a difference!

5.Hi Dr. Lover

I have been dating this girl for a couple of weeks. And I really like her. But the only problem is that…her breath stinks! Like Naaaasty. She wants to go out for a cozy dinner on Valentine’s Day, but I’m afraid if she leans in any closer, I’ll lean all the way back into ghosting her. Please help. How do I tell her that her breath stinks.

-Breath Mint Seeker

Dear Mr. Minty.

This is a tricky, tricky one! There’s no easy way to bring it up, especially since you don’t know the reason behind it. Maybe it’s a medical condition or maybe she just lives garlic? Honestly and communication are key – so you need to trust this will only make you stronger.

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