Musicians All Over the World Perform Online Concerts to Keep Spirits High During COVID-19 Lockdown

With the road no longer calling, and concerts no longer permitted – musicians are resorting to Facebook and Instagram live to ensure that they do whatever they can to keep spirits high during this time of self quarantine. Be it Ali Sethi, Sajjad Ali, Chris Martin, John Legend and several others resort to social media to keep their fans and audiences entertained.

Ali Sethi 

The session was a first of the many that Ali Sethi plans on doing. Aside from these online performances being free of cost and easily accessible. If you’ve missed out, catch him again today at 8pm. He’s been performing live for a few days now. Another important thing about Sethi’s session is how the users could interact with him during the performance. With being able to request your songs, and having to see your favourite singer perform live for you – is a thrilling experience. And somehow, it makes the whole self isolating experience not feel so bad after all.

Sajjad Ali

The show must go on. So says Sajjad, so say we!

John Legend

Chris Martin

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