Hira Mani Thinks ‘White People’ are ‘Quite Cowardly’ for Following Government Orders of Self-Isolation

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Last week, Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui and Hira Mani were in the US for a string of ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’ meet and greets. During this time, Hira Mani took to her Instagram to post a very, very unfortunate insta story:


The actress expresses her views on ‘goray’ being ‘phatoo’ for following government and WHO protocol of self isolating and staying at home during this very dire Coronavirus pandemic.

Mei aik mall gayi thi, First Colony, wahan par jitni bhi Pakistani log thay na, salesgirls, wo maujood thi, aur saray goray chuttiyo par thay‘, the actress laughed.

Toh hamaray goray phatoo niklay!‘, she continued.

While Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed have quarantined themselves in a hotel room after their return from the US, we have Hira Mani making fun of the ‘goray’ who are doing the responsible thing of staying home and self isolating. In a delicate time like this, it is incredibly important for our celebrities with huge followings to speak sensibly and promote self isolation and social distancing, instead of labelling those who do as cowards and ‘phatoos’. The situation in Pakistan is worsening day by day due majority of us, educated or not, not taking Coronavirus and the guidelines laid down by WHO and the government seriously.

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Again, for the people in the back, practice social distancing and self isolate if you have travelled in the past 2 weeks OR are exhibiting symptoms regardless of travel history. 



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