Movies You Can Watch With Ammi Without Any Awkwardness

One of the hardest things desi kids have to do when it comes to watching a movie with your parents, is to find one that won’t leave everyone awkwardly turning their heads from the screen or frantically searching for the remote to fast forward a ‘naughty’ scene. This is why we thought it is absolutely ESSENTIAL for us to provide our readers with a list of family friendly movies that are actually really good and safe to watch with the folks. So get the popcorn ready, and get watching:

Panic Room

Perfect for suspense/thriller buffs, this flick will leave everyone on the edge of their seats!


If you’re in the mood to shed a tear or two and renew the appreciation you have for your mommy, this is the movie to watch.

The Devil Wears Prada

The perfect watch if you and your mom want to look at pretty women wearing pretty clothes and being empowering as heck.

Fried Green Tomatoes

A classic. Romance, tragedy, friendship and family. Sigh.

The Blind Side

Even desi moms can’t resist the force that is Sandra Bullock.

Bend It Like Beckham

A movie about the struggle of balancing desi culture while in a non desi environment.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

While our weddings are quadruple times the mayhem shown in this movie, we can still very much relate.

Crazy Rich Asians

The classic MIL DIL power struggle, but with rich people. Who will the beta choose? The love for his mother or the love of his life?

See Also

The Lovely Bones

This movie never fails to make us cry and the it’s just so beautiful to look at.

Steel Magnolias

Has Julia Roberts ever done wrong?


Another suspense thriller, there’s a reason Room won an Oscar.


Even dads will enjoy this movie about good food and fun times.

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