Meet the Hardest Working 10 Year Old in Karachi Who Sells Samosay After School to Help His Father

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A video of Zahid, a 10 Year old boy from Karachi, has been making the rounds on social media and for good reason. This young fourth grader was recorded selling samosay outside of a hospital near his house. Instead of playing with kids his age or watching television or whatever it is that 10 year olds get up to these days, the young boy works extra hard to help support his father financially, by selling samosay made by his mother.

Zahid, son of Maulana Zikir Ullah, goes to school, then he goes to a Madarsa and then he goes out to sell his samosay. When we were 10, we were busy stuffing our faces with samosay and had no concept of earning a buck on our own, so what Zahid is doing is more than commendable.

And people seem to agree. Teacher and Principal of ‘Speak and Spell Schooling System’, Basim Ahmed Faridi has taken responsibility of Zahid’s education until intermediate and has restored our faith in humanity and all that’s good in the World. In the midst of the very real threat our children face at the hands of predators, this story is a beacon of light in a storm of dark clouds and was very much needed.

Kudos to little Zahid and Mr.Basim Faridi.


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