Meet Mr.Ghulam, Who is Distributing Masks Free of Costs in Lahore, But With a Warning

After a picture of a medical vendor in Quetta went viral for distributing free face masks to battle Coronavirus, now Lahore’s very own Mr.Ghulam is following suit, but with a bit of a twist.

Mr.Ghulam, who owns a small pharmacy in Lahore, is distributing 2 masks per person to anyone who wants them, and is also offering counseling on how to best avoid the deadly virus.

He also pleaded with the public to stop stockpiling masks and leave enough for the people who actually need them. People showing signs of the flu, cough, senior citizens and individuals with compromised immune systems should be made priority when it comes to access to protective masks.

The masks will only help those who are either already infected, or are diffusing droplets through flu or cough, as Coronavirus spreads through contact with those droplets.

Wearing a mask for any reason other than that will not offer any kind of protective.

Watch this generous man’s full interview below:

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