Meesha Shafi’s Own Manager Says He Witnessed No Harassment

This case has more twists than O.Henry!

We’ve closely followed the harassment case that Meesha Shafi filed against Ali Zafar. And after Meesha’s own mother, Saba Hameed, came to her defense in court and sided with her, there’s been a whole new development. The hot new twist is that her own manager, Syed Farhan Ali. Her own manager? Et tu, Brute? While recording his statement in the defamation suit filed by Ali Zafar, Farhaan Ali said that he was present during the jamming session at Ali Zafar’s house where Meesha Shafi claims the harassment took place, but he did not see any such harassment taking place. He further added that Atif Aslam, Fawad Khan and Meesha Shafi were supposed to be the panelists in the much loved Pepsi Battle of the Bands, but right before the shooting was to begin for the second season, Farhaan was informed that Atif Aslam was going to be replaced by Ali Zafar. That same night, Meesha informed him that she would not be working with Ali Zafar.

This new development has people wondering what really happened? Is this a disgruntled employee trying to get back at his boss by siding with the other party or was this whole harassment case against Ali Zafar a ruse to get him kicked off the panel of Battle of the Bands? The plot thickens!

But the real question is – was this the first time someone from Meesha’s own team recorded a statement against her in this ongoing case? HELL NO! Rizwan Raees, who had been both Meesha and Ali’s former manager testified that Meesha Shafi went ahead and blackmailed Ali Zafar as well as Pepsi (the beverage company sponsoring the Battle of the Bands show) as a means to get a bigger paycheck. And when Ali Zafar refused to pay up, Meesha Shafi went ahead and claimed “sexual harassment”.

Was this the only statement that went against Meesha? Sadly, the answer again is no! Fahad Rehman, another former manager of Meesha Shafi, testified in court that he is not aware of what exactly transpired between the two singers, he does know that she is very much capable of blackmailing someone and ruining someone’s reputation.

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Is this the boy’s club coming together to put down a wronged woman? Or are these allegations truly a ruse to simply malign Ali Zafar’s reputation because he refused to pay a hefty amount? With so many twists and turns, we wonder what more will come to light before the final verdict of this case.

Stay tuned to while we bring you the latest updates on the case and a whole lot more!

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