All the Times that Celebs Made Fun of Meray Pass Tum Ho

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The story line makes us cry, frustrates us and at times, makes us want to pull Mahwish’s hair out, haha! But when it comes to our celebs, they find creative ways to make fun of the much watched Meray Pass Tum Ho drama serial. Here are some of our favourite celebs, sometimes the actors in the show itself (like Adnan Siddiqui) that continue to make us laugh with continued references of Meray Pass Tum Ho:

“Short and sweet! Going back home. A day trip to Islamabad….definitely not with Mehwish :)” is what Adnan Siddiqui wrote as his Instagram caption and some fans had a field day with it!

Who knew Shahid Afridi also follows Meray Pass Tum Ho? Stuck at the airport together because the flight got delayed, this is what Lala has to say “Shahwar naam hi masloon (problems) ka hai. Tumharay saath reh k mujhay maslay hi parr gaye. Meri flight cancel ho gayi, yaar”.

And then of course, the nation’s beloved Atif Aslam also took a dig at Shahwar and Meray Pass Tum ho as he waited at the Dubai airport with Adnan Siddiqui. Atif said “Adnan aap bohat baray businessman hain. Aap ne 2 takkay ki flight k liye 50 million ki video bana di” and well, what can we say, we cracked up too!

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The lovebirds were also not far behind. Iqra Aziz captioned a picture with her beau, Yasir Hussain, as “My Priceless Baby”. Yasir Hussain jumped in with a comment that had us laughing for days “PriceLeSs??? you mean 2 Taky Ka”.

If we have missed out on some funny memes or celeb digs on the show, let us know! 

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