Living with Diabetes: Here’s What You Need to Know

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you can still lead a happy healthy life. You just need to be connected with the right specialists, the right tools and the right information to help live a normal life.

For starters, find a medical team to help you understand what you’re dealing with.

You’re probably going to have a lot of questions to know how to cope. And researching for information can become overwhelming. It’s best to find a team of healthcare providers who can help ease that burden by answering your questions and being readily available. It’s important to remember to stay in touch with your health care providers even when you are
well, so that you stay well.

“Here at South City Hospital, we have a full time Endocrine Consultant available, who will help you in timely diagnosis and management of your diabetes. At South City Hospital we also have all the necessary tests available that are required for the diagnosis, treatment follow up and differentiation of different types of Diabetes. This can help prevent long term complications related to Diabetes and its associated comorbid condition like hypertension,
dyslipidaemia and obesity,” explains Dr. Imran-ul-Haq, Consultant Diabetologist at Karachi’s leading healthcare provider, South City Hospital

Get to know more about diabetes.
Everyone with diabetes needs diabetes education. Simply because everyday activities affect our blood sugar. For instance, what, when and how much you eat, all affect your blood sugar. In the same way, what exercise routine should you be following? Or, your insulin dose, the type of insulin and how should it be taken in relationship to eating, exercise and resting routines? The more you know, the easier it becomes to maintain your health. Diabetes treatment is evolving all the time.

A healthy lifestyle is the way to go!
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help you control your blood sugar. Your food choices, level of activity and weight can make a critical difference in your blood sugar. Booking an appointment with a nutritionist or a dietician can help in making this process easier.

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Variations in daily routine affect blood sugar:
Changes in our daily routine can affect our blood sugar control. Its best to understand how to stabilize our blood sugar when we are emotionally upset, sick, traveling or lack physical activity. If things become overwhelming, be sure to book an appointment with your healthcare provider.

Diabetes treatment is evolving all the time. South City Hospital keeps up to date with the latest information to provide the best patient care for those suffering from diabetes. To ensure that the hospital is a safe zone for all visiting the hospital, South City Hospital is also following all SOPs to ensure safety for stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic including a geographically separate COVID dedicated unit, negative pressure systems and regularly screening hospital staff.

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