Jhooti Shows Us How “NOT” to Behave During the Rishta Process

Iqra Aziz, the star of the show, is the daughter of a shopkeeper. The suitor asking for her marriage in hand is also a shopkeeper. The first episode reveals that Iqra Aziz, Nirma in the show, is shown to be a greedy, compulsive liar who not only steals her sister in law’s jewels, but also continues to weave a a thread of lies.

From innocent lies of why she came home so late to why she has agreed to marry Nasir (the shopkeeper who has eyes only for her) looks like only the beginning of how far she will go to get her way. She agrees to marry Nasir on the condition that he name his shop and home after her.

Jhooti might grow into a more problematic story that vilifies women, but for now, is a great way of learning what NOT to do when you are in the rishta process:

1)Do NOT demand the man to put his house and all property in your name

Nirma, in this show, tugs at his heart strings constantly, knowing that he loves her. And demands that he put down all his property (his shop and his house) in her name.

2)Do NOT demand an exuberant amount as your haq mehr

Granted that haq mehr is your right. But do not go overboard with it. Nirma demands 15,00,000 as her haq mehr to which Nasir agrees only because he loves her.

3)Do NOT refuse to go ahead with the nikkah simply because the haq mehr amount is NOT high enough

Nirma, on the day of her nikkah, all dolled up for her big day, refuses to go ahead with the nikkah because the promised 15,00,000 didn’t come through.

4)Do NOT shy away from asking to meet the guy before you marry him.

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A marriage is a contract that is meant to be the beginning of a whole life together. Do not shy away from asking to meet the guy before you say yes, no matter what the family pressure. After all, it is important to make sure that the two of you are compatible and agree on what your shared future will look like.

5)Do NOT think of marriage as a quick way of becoming rich.

From looking at it as your green card or a quick way of more money in your hands, marriage is a whole lot of responsibilities that one cannot shy away from. So do not take marriage as a quick way of becoming more financially stable. It never works out well for anyone.



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