Is Royal Baby no.4 On the Way?

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as we all know, were on a royal tour of Pakistan. This tour stands out, not only because a Royal is visiting our little ol’ country after what seems like eons and eons, but also due to the fact that the Duke and Duchess are travelling with the Royal Doctor. First of all, THERE’S A ROYAL DOCTOR!? Where can we get one?

And Secondly, why would a young, seemingly healthy couple need to travel with a doctor? That too for the first time during any of their tours? Unless, maybe, oh I don’t know, Kate’s PREGNANT!?

Speaking to The Daily Edition, Angela Mollard of New Idea Royals revealed that this is a major clue that a pregnancy is about to be announced.

“There is some suspicion because the Cambridges are travelling with a doctor which they don’t normally do,” she said, before adding that the doctor was a friend of Prince William’s and former colleague of his time at the East Anglia air emergency ambulance service.

“Very unusual. Usually, the Queen and Charles travel with a doctor but it’s very unusual. These two haven’t before,” Angela continued.

“So now there’s huge speculation there could be baby number four in 2020.”

If the Duke and Duchess are indeed having a fourth child, Kate will be mirroring Queen Elizabeth who also had four children, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

While they’ve been overseas, their children have allegedly been staying at home with their nannies – which is said to be a change from the usual system now that both Prince George and Princess Charlotte attend school.

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“Typically what happens is if Kate and William are away, the children stay with Michael and Carole Middleton at their house in Buckinghamshire,” Mollard told The Daily Edition.

“But because it’s school time for the kids, they’re actually at home and Carole is helping out, but it was also their nannies.

“So about 4’oclock every day they ring their kids after school to say, you know, ‘how was your day?”

How cute. The Royals are just like us! (big lol)

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