Is Relationship Anxiety Real? Learn How To Deal With It

relationship anxiety

Are you in a healthy relationship with your partner? But at times you question yourself, and your partner’s commitment. Several questions pop up in your mind such as; where is this relationship going? Will it last? Are you both happy or not? This feeling is relationship anxiety; while you both are engaged in a healthy and happy relationship, this anxiety can still kick in. You suddenly feel the need for reassurance and feel a sense of insecurity.

relationship anxiety

It is completely normal to have such thoughts and feelings, however, it may affect your relationship in the longer run. You tend to develop trust issues and question your partner’s love. There can be several causes for it.

Past Experiences

Sometimes when you have been in a toxic relationship in past, you tend to question everything in your new relationship and develop serious trust issues. It gets hard for you to trust someone because you believe that this is also not going to last long. If you are stung by a bee then you fear the buzzing sound and that is completely normal. You constantly question the stability of your relationship.

Lack Of Communication

When you fail to communicate your worries, that is where your anxiety kicks in. You keep worrying about things on your own. Not sharing it with your partner is a mistake. Both of you must be in a relationship where you can share your worries and come up with a mutual understanding and solution. Failing to speak on these matters can leave a vacuum in the relationship, encouraging feelings of anxiety. You’ll be missing out on all the good times while worrying for no significant reason.

Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem often makes you question yourself. You question your love for your partner and vice versa. You doubt that are you worthy of the love and commitment that your partner is willing to provide. The anxiety makes you wait for something to go wrong. You think that all of this is just so good to be true so all the negative thoughts cloud your judgment and decisions.

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relationship anxiety

How To Cope With It?

Take some time to understand better what previous experiences have shaped your behavior. Addressing the root cause is the solution. Engage yourself in positive self-talk. Don’t focus on the negativity. Don’t let your emotions overcome your judgment. Exercise will help you maintain a healthy balance between your personal and love life. Try to communicate your concerns to your partner. Try to understand not all experiences are going to turn out like your previous ones. It is hard to trust someone once you’ve been betrayed. It takes time but you need to give yourself some space and credit that you are worthy of love and you should not try to push away your partner.

Finally, if you feel like you still feel anxious about your relationship then you can always seek professional help and get counseling.

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