Is Ali Zafar Being Disrespectful to Fellow Artists by Releasing an Unofficial PSL Anthem?

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After the disastrous opening ceremony of PSL V, Ali Azmat went on to Waseem Badami’s talk show and discussed all the mismanagement that took place at the ceremony. From songs being cut short and artists being upset, to overall video and audio issues , it seemed like barely anything went right. Badami also questioned Azmat about the backlash PSL’s official anthem, sung by Ali Azmat, Asim Azhar, Arif Lohar and Haroon received. Ali Azmat responded by blaming a certain artist and the bloggers on his payroll for all the negativity and claimed that the bad reviews were not organic at all. When Badami asked if he was talking about Ali Zafar, Ali Azmat denied it.

Despite the denial, Ali Zafar responded by posting the following video and poking fun at the entire situation:

Followed by a video, teasing a new unofficial PSL anthem:

Please note the ‘Tayar ho?’ at the end, most likely directed at ‘Tayar Hain’, which is the title of the official anthem.

The question is, is Ali Zafar just giving the fans what they want, or is he being a tad bit disrespectful to his fellow artists who are responsible for ‘Tayyar Hain’?

Asim Azhar was asked exactly this, and this was his response:

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It’s great to see one of the younger artists in our industry taking such a mature approach to the entire situation. No matter how many songs Ali Zafar, or any other artist releases, the official anthem will always be the upbeat and contagious ‘Tayar Hain’.


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