Indian Media Claims Pakistan is Getting Ready for a Bio-War Against India

Another day, another crazy story released by the Indian media.

Various news outlet in India are reporting Pakistan is using the coronavirus pandemic to strike against India, but not with the usual missiles and jets, but through the means of bio warfare.

According to one Indian news channel, Indian agencies have procured a secret intelligence report that has revealed that Pakistan’s ISI officials have met with heads of different terror organizations to discuss the biological warfare which can be used against India in coming days.

The report also claims Chinese intelligence representatives were also present in that meeting which was held on October 9th. Top intel sources also added that Pakistan Army is planning to deploy specialized officers at LoC who are trained in biological weapons.

When the world is already panic stricken and more stressed than ever, you would think the Indian media would FINALLY begin to report more responsibly, rather than continue to cook up absurd conspiracies involving Pakistan. How Indian media regulatory bodies allow alleged ‘secret’ information to be aired to the masses is beyond us. The world already has enough to worry about without tensions between India and Pakistan continuing to be fuelled.

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