Indian Cricket Board to Boycott Asia Cup If Held in Pakistan

While some believe sports, art and the like should be kept away from politics, our neighbours in India do not agree.

There have been discussions of the Asia Cup 2020 to be held in Pakistan, (it’s about damn time), but amidst these rumours the BCCI has made it crystal clear that the Indian Cricket Team will not participate in the Asia Cup if the venue is Pakistan.

“The question isn’t about the PCB hosting the tournament. It is about the venue and as things stand now, it is quite clear that we would need a neutral venue. There is no way that an Indian team can visit Pakistan to even participate in a multi-nation event like the Asia Cup,” a BCCI official told news agency IANS of India.

“If the Asian Cricket Council [ACC] is ok with an Asia Cup minus India then it is a different ball game. But if India is to participate in the Asia Cup, then the venue cannot be Pakistan,”

There have also been rumours of Pakistan promising Bangladesh the chance to host the Asia Cup, in return for Bangladesh participating in the recent cricket tour held in Pakistan, which the PCB has denied:

“ACC will have a meeting sometime in February to discuss issues related to the hosting of the Asia Cup this year. This year Pakistan is the host so it is Pakistan’s call if they want to host the tournament or not,” the ACC said in a statement.

Considering the tension between the two countries, it might not be the worst idea to host the Asia Cup in a neutral region. Yet, why must Pakistan sacrifice the chance to bring Cricket home in a MAJOR way, just to appease one country? What are your thoughts on this entire situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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