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How They Met: Lovebirds Jamil Haider Rizvi & Eman Suleman

How They Met: Lovebirds Jamil Haider Rizvi & Eman Suleman

Who doesn’t love a meet-cute? This adorable couple that defy all stereotypes, and truly love each other for who they are – have the cutest love story. Here’s how they met:

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I met this Eman back in 2017 as a client who wanted to learn kickboxing. She came in for just a month because she lived closer to Multan than Lahore. During that time we discussed how amazing Sri Lanka was and this town called Galle with its beautiful fort and this amazing quaint little place with the BEST burgers called Rocket Burger. As lovely as this conversation was, we didn’t speak/meet for the next two years. Didn’t really become close or too friendly. May 2019 we met again. October 2019 I’m engaged to her. January 2020 I’m married to her. February 2020 we are in rocket burger. What a dream. Only the burger was absolutely shit and the fort just wasn’t as nice anymore. But it was still the best it could have been because at the end of the day, I was finally there with her. ♥️ Bari achi bivi hay. Ulti Maray gi yeh caption parh kay.

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They tied the knot this year, with what was an intimate affair.

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