3 Reasons Your Nails Are Yellow And How You Can Whiten Them

If you love wearing dark nail paint, you must have experienced the aftermath of it – YELLOW NAILS. And if you always find yourself wondering why that happens, and if its really only because of the dark nail paints – read on.

Here Are The 3 Main Reasons Why Your Nails Are Yellow:

1.You Love Wearing Dark Nail Paint:

The dye in the nail lacquer interacts with the keratin of the nail, causing a yellow discoloration and brittleness. Acetone nail polish remover can worsen the yellowing by giving the dissolved nail polish a chance to bond to your nails like a stage five clinger. How to Avoid it? To prevent yellow nails from happening in the first place, apply a clear base coat before your polish and switch up your go-to colors so you’re not using dark polishes all the time.

2.A Fungal Infection Might Be Lurking:

When a pesky fungus invades the nail (usually toenails), it can lead to thickening of the nail itself and accumulation of debris underneath—both of which can lead to a yellow color. For this, we suggest you head to the doctor right away.

3.Vitamin Deficiency 

Malnutrition can affect growth of the nails, and in some cases, lead to a yellow discoloration. There might be Zinc or B12 deficiencies. If you do have a deficiency, then use of supplements over several weeks to months may help correct the deficit. We suggest you head to the doctor if the discoloration persists.

How Can You Whiten Your Yellow Nails?

1.Rub Lemon on Your Nails:

Cut a lemon in half and rub the inside of the lemon onto your nails. Focus on rubbing the lemon on each nail for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Once all of your nails have been rubbed with lemon, allow your nails to absorb the lemon juice and dry for about 10 minutes. After your nails have soaked in the lemon juice, apply a moisturizer to your hands and nails to prevent them from drying out.

2.Rub Tea Tree Oil:

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If your nails are yellowed because of a nail fungus rather than constant use of nail polish, tea tree oil can help with the discoloration. Apply a couple drops of natural tea tree oil to each nail twice daily, and use your fingertips to massage the oil to all parts of your nails. Tea tree oil is a disinfectant and naturally fights fungus, which could help combat the yellowing of your nails.





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