Here’s Why You Need The Flu Vaccine This Year!

flu vaccine

The season is changing and this is the best time to get your flu shots and to be vaccinated against the seasonal flu! With every passing year and more people getting infected with diseases, your chances of getting the flu increase. Here are some common questions about the Flu shot!

Why do you need a Flu vaccine?

One of the central questions that may appear is why you need to get the flu vaccine when it is so common. We may not have thought before about getting one but it is essential to prevent the influenza virus from contracting. This can also avoid the later complications that may be caused as contracting the virus reduces your immunity against other illnesses. Therefore, it is vital to get the flu shot timely; this is the right time to do so!

Who should get the flu vaccine?

There may be different misconceptions about who should get it. It is recommended for everyone who is older than 6 months to get the vaccine every season. People with respiratory diseases are likely to contract the virus therefore, they are at greater risk and should get the vaccine. Moreover, the vaccine is also recommended for people with a weaker immune system as it protects them from the influenza virus.

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If I have gotten the vaccine last year, do I need to get it again?

One of the common questions asked by people is whether they need to get the vaccine every year or not. Therefore, it is important to get the vaccine every year because the last year’s shot will not provide protection this year as the body’s response to the vaccine decreases gradually!

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Side effects of Flu Vaccine

There are common fears about the side effects of the vaccine as there are some mild symptoms of the COVID-19 vaccine. The side effects are usually mild including headache, stuffy nose, or sore throat. These side effects last for only a day or two.

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