Groom’s Father Arrested for Hosting Wedding Reception in Karachi Despite Ban on Public Gatherings

Looks like a soft lockdown is not enough to keep Karachiites indoors. A crackdown is underway as news emerges about a few members of society hosting parties, weddings and keeping commercial entities closed for 15 days. However, on Thursday night, the police raided a farmhouse in Gulshan e Maymar after they were informed that a wedding reception was taking place there.

As a result of ignoring the government’s ban on public gatherings to contain the spread of Coronavirus, the groom’s father was arrested. Please know that weddings and all such occasions can be celebrated at another time – at a safer, happier time. Please do not be selfish by putting yourself and others at harm by hosting public gatherings. Be safe, for yourself, and for others.

In other news, 4 men have been arrested in Karachi for selling hand sanitizers at inflated rates. Now is NOT the time to make a quick buck. Please be sensitive to the fear and paranoia that has taken over our country. It is your civic duty to stay indoors and not exploit others in this time of need.

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