Don’t Get Fooled by Ali Express Businesses

Almost every other day, a new online clothing or online jewellery store pops up. While some of these are great, and have a a vast variety of high quality products, MOST of them are just Ali Express businesses.

What is an Ali Express business? It’s entrepreneurs who have started businesses with Ali Express products. Don’t get us wrong, Ali Express is great. It’s cheap, the products are never ending and they offer free delivery to Pakistan most of the time. But the accounts we’ve been seeing on Instagram are basically frauds selling super cheap products from Ali Express at triple, even quadruple the price. The worst part is, these pages pretend to be something they’re not. They jazz up the packaging, give their brands a fancy new name and try to push these products off as high end designer products. Some would argue that that’s just good marketing, but we’re pretty sure lying about where a product is made or hiking up the price saying it’s pure silver/gold-plated when it’s NOT, is fraudulent.

Look familiar?


An easy way to check whether what you’re about to purchase has originated from Ali Express is to just check their website. Do a picture search or just type in descriptive nouns of the product and see if it’s being sold on Ali Express . If yes, then it’s a NOGO. A little bit of effort will save you big bucks in the long run. Please don’t fall for marketing gimmicks and empty claims, DO YOUR RESEARCH!

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And to these ‘businesses’, no matter how many times you add the word ‘official’ to your name and no matter how many socialites you get to wear your co-ord sets and PVC heels, WE KNOW. And we’re telling the rest of the world, too.


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